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Beautiful Hotel Grounds | Neil, head groundskeeper

At Rutland Hall, we’re delighted — and a little bit smug — to have such beautiful hotel grounds.

Spanning 70 acres and with sweeping views of Rutland Water, it really is a little slice of heaven in the heart of our county.

In honour of National Gardening Week, we caught up with our head groundskeeper to find out all about him and his work here at Rutland Hall:

Beautiful hotel grounds | Head groundskeeper, Neil

Our Beautiful Hotel Grounds: Meet Neil

Neil, a seasoned gardener, manages a small team here at Rutland Hall and, between them, they look after all 70 acres of our beautiful hotel grounds.

With an education in rural science, an NVQ2 in decorative and amenity horticulture, an NVQ3 in groundsmanship, and a background working for the council on various community projects, Neil has extensive knowledge and experience — perfect for leading our outdoor team.

Bringing his passion and skillset to Rutland Hall, he now works hard to maintain our beautiful hotel grounds, as well as come up with innovative and creative ideas to improve our outdoor spaces.

Along with his team, Neil experiments with different soils, fertilisers, and plant varieties, to help enhance the grounds and make the most of every inch of our gardens. 

Spring flowers at Rutland Hall

Working Outdoors at Rutland Hall

Our unique backdrop not only offers a stunning place to holiday, but also an incredible landscape to work against. 

One of Neil’s biggest responsibilities is to ensure that the view is maintained throughout the year.

He said, “You can change the look of a landscape dramatically at will; whether you create new borders, cut back trees, change an area of grass, or plant bright colours, you have the power to make or break a person’s experience.”

Wherever you stand within our beautiful hotel grounds, you’ll be met with carefully curated scenery that our grounds team has worked hard to ensure is clean, clear, and utterly mesmerising!

Beautiful hotel grounds | Rutland Hall

Enjoying Our Beautiful Hotel Grounds

One of the many perks of spending time in our beautiful hotel grounds is the versatility of the space — something that is highlighted with the changing of the seasons. 

Whether you’re enjoying the orange hues of Autumn, the icy blues of winter, the luscious green of spring, or the multitude of colours in summer, our grounds offer a stunning backdrop for weddings, corporate events, or parties, at any time of year. 

For Neil and his team, they’re able to experience these changes all year round. Neil said, “I love being outside. You can watch the seasons change through the varying plants, and feel at home. 

“There’s little better than watching the sun rise and set against Rutland Water whilst working, surrounded by wildlife and enveloped in colour — especially with the smell of freshly cut grass or falling rain!”

With summer on the horizon, and a host of exciting changes coming to Rutland Hall, Neil and his team are set to be busier than ever, sprinkling a little magic into the landscape as they go. 

To experience our beautiful hotel grounds for yourself, why not book a last-minute getaway? Please contact a member of our team for availability and bookings. 

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