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Winter wedding: Scenic shot of the bride. Photo credit: Mike Calders

Are you looking for inspiration for a magical winter wedding?

Tying the knot in the winter offers a certain kind of romance that you just can’t recreate in other seasons; there’s a real romance associated with snowy cabins, log fires, frosted walks, and mulled wine.

While spring and summer weddings often take centre stage, the allure of a sumptuous winter ceremony is, for many, an exciting alternative. 

In this blog, Emmie Ide, our wedding specialist here at Rutland Hall Hotel, shares her top tips to curating a breathtaking winter wedding:

Winter wedding couplePhoto credit: Mike Calders

Planning Your Dream Winter Wedding: Sophisticated Seasonal Elegance 

When it comes to the dress,  heavier fabrics and luxurious textures are a popular choice for a wedding gown. 

The most popular materials include velvets, heavy cottons, and cashmere. 

For the bride, consider incorporating elements like lace into the dress, and accessorise with a fur stole or capelet for warmth and glamour. 

For grooms, a dapper tweed suit can blend in well with the wintry ambiance.

Magical winter wedding: bride and groom captured by photographer Mike Calders

Magical Winter Wedding: Choose Your Perfect Colour

Winter is the perfect season to go all out for deep and rich seasonal hues, such as burgundy, emerald green, or navy blue. 

Adding touches of metallic accents, such as gold or silver, can infuse a hint of glamour that sparkles against the winter landscape.

Winter wedding colour scheme

Opt for Luxury: Feathers, Furs and Boots

Why not take your look to the next level with country themed accessories?

These can include majestic feathers, fur, and leather boots — with matching tassels! 

As well as smashing the style, you’ll also be nice and snug too with these options! 

Perfect for both brides and grooms to incorporate into their looks, you can also dress your venue with matching decor to bring the wintry theme together perfectly.

Bride wearing country boots

Winter Wonderland Decor

Speaking of which, it’s important to get the backdrop to your big day just right. 

For your winter wedding, consider decorating tables with pinecones, frosted branches, and plenty of twinkling fairy lights to create an enchanting ambiance. 

If you’re looking for some added elegance, why not add some crystal accents or snowflake motifs to table settings and invitations?

Winter wedding: Seasonal decor

Winter Wedding: Atmospheric Candles and Lighting

Embrace the early evening darkness with an abundance of candles. 

Soft candlelight really makes a space feel cosy and intimate, and you can incorporate candelabras, and lanterns for added ambience. 

Why not also have some fire pits in the garden, so those guests who need a breath of fresh air can keep warm? This also helps to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Ambient lighting and candles to dress the venue

Additional Styling for Your Winter Wedding

It’s always useful to collaborate with a wedding planner or stylist to help bring your vision to life

From selecting the right linens and tableware to designing a seating plan that complements the winter aesthetic, a professional touch ensures a cohesive and enchanting theme. 

Personalised details you might like to consider are monogrammed blankets or a charming hot chocolate station to add warmth and character to your day.

Personalised blankets to keep guests warm

Plan Your Outdoor Attire

Are you planning an outdoor ceremony or photoshoot?

Mention on the invite that parts of the day will be held outdoors so your guests can dress accordingly, but it might also be helpful to provide shawls or blankets for added luxe.

You may also want to consider coordinating accessories like gloves or scarves for the bridal party to complement their attire and keep them cosy.

Matching bridal party furs

Winter Wedding: Offer Seasonal Hot Drinks

It’s always a great idea to offer an array of warm drinks such as mulled wine, hot cider, or gourmet hot chocolate to help keep your guests nice and toasty. 

Create an inviting hot drinks station with beautiful mugs and toppings; you can even create your own personalised hot toddy for your day.

Winter wedding: hot chocolate bar

Go Big With Your Entertainment

Infuse your winter wedding celebration with themed entertainment!

Think acoustic renditions of classic holiday songs by a live band, or a uniquely shaped dance floor resembling a snowflake for a memorable experience.

Winter weddings are also perfect for sparklers, and make for stunning photos.

Winter wedding: Sparklers

Capturing Lasting Memories

Weddings go by in a flash and the details can often be a little hazy after the event.

We recommend investing in a skilled photographer who’s experienced in shooting winter weddings. 

The snowy landscape and soft natural light create a picturesque backdrop for stunning photographs that encapsulate the essence of your special day, and help you capture those all important memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

Winter weddings offer a unique canvas to weave warmth, elegance, and the enchanting spirit of the season into an unforgettable celebration. 

From embracing luxurious styles with feathers, fur, and boots to crafting exquisite room decor and styling solutions, every detail contributes to a magical experience. Create your own winter wonderland by curating colours, textures, and personalised touches, making cherished memories for you and your guests.

If you’d like to book a wedding here at Rutland Hall Hotel, please contact a member of our team.

A large, lakeside resort, we have a host of amenities and facilities, allowing your guests to really make the most of your wedding celebrations with an extended stay.

Bride and groom looking out over venue grounds. Photo credit: Mike Calders

Latest news from Rutland Hall

Rutland gets giant new wedding venue

Rutland Hall Hotel is officially opening its doors to a brand new indoor venue space, the largest in the county. 

The Pavilion has a capacity of seating up to 500 guests, and is the perfect destination for large weddings, awards nights, corporate dinners, indoor markets, live entertainment and much more.

Wedding Winter Wonderland Photoshoot

Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal of the Rutland Hall wedding winter wonderland photoshoot due to take place later this month. 

Featuring many local wedding suppliers, including Hayley Riddington, Rachel Bray, Bourne Bridal, Mike Calders, Hiden Floral Design, Ambience Styling, Sugar Creations, and Fairfax & Favor Stamford, it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss!

For enquiries, and show rounds at Rutland Hall Hotel, one of the county’s most prominent wedding venues, please ring our Weddings Executive, Emmie Ide, on 01572 494 588.

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