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Wedding Guest Book

Let’s be honest, the standard guest book with lines for names and well-wishes is feeling a little ….. blah! As a modern, fun-loving couple, you want a guest book that reflects your unique personalities and provides a memorable keepsake. Well, you’re in luck!

Kick ‘ordinary’ to the kerb

At Rutland Hall, we’re always keen to support our wedding couples in creating truly bespoke celebrations. We’re seeing so many trends that are moving away from the traditional and taking a much more creative route. And guest books are no exception. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most creative and alternative guest book ideas that will have your guests buzzing.

Wedding guest book and pen

Top 10 alternatives to Wedding Guest Books

The Bucket List Guestbook ~ Have guests jot down bucket list ideas and adventures for you to experience as newlyweds. A whole book of spontaneous, dream-worthy activities? Sign us up!

Untitled design – 5

The Carved Initials ~ Get a wooden round, stump and have guests carve their initials, names or sweet notes using wood burning tools. A rustic, artsy memento!

Fiesta Forever ~ Who doesn’t love bright colours and tasty treats? Set up a taco bar or doughnut table and have guests leave their well wishes on the edible portion. Then comes the fun part … eating it, of course!

Insta-Print Party ~ Gather some fun polaroid cameras and task your guests to snap candid photos and leave them in a photo album or box with their messages.

Video Guestbook ~ Get ready to laugh and shed some happy tears! Set up a private video booth and have your family and friends record silly, sweet messages.

Date Night Jar ~ All those newlyweds date night ideas on one spot? Yes, please! Have guests write down creative, budget-friendly dates on ice lolly sticks.

Thumbprint Trees ~ Sketch out a tree with branches. Pop some poster paints in a tray and ask your guests to press their fingerprint as a leaf on your tree, adding initials to the leaf for extra memories. Don’t forget the wipes to remove that excess paint.  

Vinyl Revolutions ~ Perfect for the music-loving couple! Guests can write on records using gold, silver or white markers for a totally groovy guestbook.

Vinyl wedding guest books

Puzzle Pieces ~ Grab a large, blank puzzle and have guests leave notes and doodles on the pieces. Once assembled, you’ll have a masterpiece!

Storybook Start ~ For the bookworm couple, take some children’s books and book ends and create a whimsical library for your future family.

Extraordinary displays of love

At the end of the day, your wedding guest book should be as extraordinary as the love you’re celebrating! Whether you opt for a video booth capturing those priceless, candid moments or a mind-bending puzzle that unites your worlds, the possibilities for creative wedding guest books are endless.

Just imagine yourselves years from now, cosying up on a rainy day and revisiting that mystical guest book from your magical wedding. You’ll chuckle at the hilarious ‘mad libs’, be inspired to tackle that bucket list of adventures, and relive those sweet messages and well wishes from your nearest and dearest. Not only will it serve as a sentimental walk down memory lane, but your one-of-a-kind wedding guest book will be a treasured family keepsake.

One-of-a-kind wedding guest book

So, forget the been-there-done-that guest book concepts of the past. As a wildly in love, fun-loving couple, you deserve a guest book that truly captures the free-spirited essence of your big day and unique love story. Take the road less travelled and let your creativity soar – your guests will be buzzing about it for years to come! After all, you only get one chance to tie the knot in an unforgettable ‘you’ way. So why not make your guest book as extraordinary as the love you’re celebrating?

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