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How to boost staff morale: Christmas in the office

The summer disappeared all too quickly and, before you know it, it’ll be time to decorate your tree and count down to the staff Christmas party!

In the winter months, though, when it’s cold and dark, it can be easy for staff to feel a little preoccupied.

So, we’re sharing how to boost staff morale in the office, and build up to an exciting festive season…

How to boost staff morale: Christmas fun in the office

How to Boost Morale: Mince Pie Mondays

What better way to spread a little festive cheer than by implementing ‘mince pie Mondays’ in the office throughout December?

The chance for everyone to have a little breather, take some time out to have meaningful conversations, and indulge in a delicious seasonal treat, it’s the perfect way to kick off the festivities!

For added fun, why not host a little ‘Bake Off’-inspired competition, where your colleagues battle it out to bake the perfect pie?

How to boost staff morale: mince pie Mondays

Host a Wreath Making Event

This December, why not enlist the help of a florist to come in and hold a wreath-making evening after work? 

A brilliant team bonding session, you can each enjoy a glass of fizz as you unleash your creativity — just remember to have the hoover on hand for after! 

This activity will not only help people to relax and have fun, they’ll also feel a great sense of accomplishment when they take home their creation to hang on their front door.

Host an office wreath-making event

How to Boost Staff Morale: Plan a Crafty Lunch Break

Let’s face it: lunch times in winter aren’t always a barrel of laughs. Often, it’s cold and wet, and no-one really wants to go for a walk. 

Why not turn the staff room into a craft centre for an hour, where your team can relax in the warm and get crafty with a range of Christmassy activities?

From decorating baubles to making Christmas crackers, it’s a fun way to switch off from work for a while, and get into the festive spirit.

Plan a crafty lunch break

Host a Bring and Share Christmas Buffet in the Office

If you want to know how to boost staff morale this Christmas, look no further than the dinner table! 

A sure fire way to get into anyone’s heart, food is always a winner! 

This festive season, why not choose a day where everyone’s going to be in the office together, and hold a bring and share Christmas buffet? 

Encourage everyone to get creative with their dishes, such as a Brussels sprout salad, pigs-in-blankets pie, or even a cheese-board Christmas tree! 

How to boost staff morale: Bring and share buffet for Christmas

How to Boost Staff Morale: Take Part in Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day is held by a renowned charity, Save the Children. It’s a great way to ramp up the festive vibe in the office, while raising money for an excellent cause. 

Get everyone to dig out their most vibrant seasonal knitwear for some light-hearted fun on Thursday 7th December! In fact, why not tie it in with your bring and share Christmas buffet day?

Celebrate Christmas Jumper Day!

Buy a Team Advent Calendar

Having an office advent calendar is a fun way to count down to the big day, unleashing everyone’s inner child! 

You could surprise your staff with one each on their desks, or have one to share. (Bonus if you have 24 members of the team!)

How to boost staff morale: office advent!

How to Boost Staff Morale: Start Planning Your Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a tried-and-tested way to boost staff morale in the festive season. 

It gives people the chance to have a laugh, as well as get to know other people in the office.

You don’t have to go overboard! set a small budget so that it’s inclusive for everyone — sometimes, the smaller the budget, the funnier the gift! 

You could give everyone a deadline to have their presents in by, and then dish them out at the office Christmas party!

Plan a Secret Santa!

How to Boost Staff Morale: Get Involved in a Charity Initiative

If you’re looking at how to boost staff morale this festive season, why not go for a heart-warming initiative? 

You could ask for donations to a children’s charity to ensure that no child has to go without a present from Santa. Or, spend some lunch breaks volunteering. You could choose a soup kitchen, helping the homeless enjoy a warming meal on a cold winter’s day. 

Whatever you decide to do, it’s a wonderful way to boost your team spirit, whilst giving back to the local community. 

Volunteer with your colleagues

Enjoy a Festive Desk Competition

Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas until someone’s wrapped their desk in fairy lights! 

Why not do a Christmas desk competition this year? Encourage your team to go bigger and better (you may end up with a grotto and a snow machine on the office floor), as a fun and light-hearted way to build up to the big day.

If you want to keep costs down for people, you could have strict instructions that they have to craft their own decorations, or only use old/second-hand ones. Or, you could do it ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ style, and only allow people to use the contents of their recycling box!

Host a Christmas desk competition

Book Your Christmas Party!

While all the above ideas are excellent ways to get in the festive spirit, if you really want to know how to boost staff morale, there’s only one fool-proof answer…

To host the Christmas party of a lifetime!

No matter your budget, at Rutland Hall Hotel, we can accommodate your team, and promise a night of tasty food, cheesy tunes, and lots of dancing!

We offer private packages for those wanting an enchanting wonderland with their colleagues. Or, for smaller offices, why not book a joiner party, where you can celebrate alongside other businesses? 

If you’re after something a little more intimate, we also offer festive dinners or afternoon teas. Take a look at our brochure to start planning your seasonal soirée! 

How to boost staff morale: Have a Rutland Christmas party!

So, if you want to know how to boost staff morale this Christmas, simply follow one (or two, or all…) of the above ideas, and your office will be buzzing with talk of turkeys and tinsel all December long!

To book one of our Christmas party packages, please contact a dedicated member of our Rutland Hall team. Or, fill out our enquiry form.

Alternatively, why not read our previous blog to discover our different festive package options?

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