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As part of our refurbishment and rebranding project at Rutland Hall, we’ve designed a brand new hotel crest.

The logo is an important part of hotel branding. It helps to give you an identity and is a symbol that guests will learn to associate with your brand.

With this in mind, we decided to redesign our crest, ensuring that each section strongly represents our brand, whilst being reflective of our history and location.

Discover the story behind our new hotel branding:

Hotel Branding: The Importance of the Horseshoe

Did you know that horseshoes are a symbol of good luck? Traditionally, they were hung above a person’s front door to stave off negativity and bring luck to those living in the household.

As time went on, horseshoes became increasingly popular at weddings, with the bride typically using a horseshoe as an accessory. It was thought to bring luck to the happy couple as they embarked on a new journey together.

As a long-standing feature of the Flag of Rutland, the horseshoe is symbolic to our local community. The horseshoe featured in our original crest, and we proudly honour this historic symbol within our new design which incorporates the horseshoe, albeit the other way around!

The Significance of the Lotus Flower

Representative of new beginnings, the tranquil lotus flower is commonly used in spiritual practice.

Lotus flowers bloom in the sun and retract at night, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings. Commonly respected for ‘spiritual enlightenment’, purity and fresh beginnings. Some look upon The Lotus flower as a symbol of growth and development too.

The lotus flower seemed fitting for our hotel branding as we look to new beginnings with our rebranding and refurbishment.

Incorporating Lord Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles and Bringer of Good Luck.

Lord Ganesh is the elephant-headed god of beginnings and the remover of obstacles. Those who worship him can hope for luck and prosperity as they begin their new life ventures. As a symbol of wisdom and understanding, Lord Ganesh is also known as being the patron of intellectuals and the Lord of People.

Lord Ganesh features within our hotel branding as we look to incorporate representations of new beginnings and starting afresh.

Hotel Branding: The Rising Sun

At the central point of our crest is the sun. It symbolises energy, clarity and self-awareness, whilst also representing life, influence and strength – a few qualities we hope to carry forward into the new year and beyond.

Hotel Branding: Two Elegant Peacocks

Two elegant peacocks sit proudly on either side of our crest. Peacocks were the traditional emblem of the Manners family, who were the Earls and Dukes of Rutland.

The magnificent birds also represent grace, beauty, dignity and pride. Peacocks have a regal air about them, which is also reflected in the crown that sits atop our crest, in honour of the queen.

New Beginnings at Our Wedding Venue: Dove Wings

Doves traditionally symbolise love, grace and freedom. They’re often popular at weddings due to their affiliation with love – and here at Rutland Hall Hotel and Spa, we’re proud to feature doves within our branding as we continue helping couples celebrate their new lives together.

The Ripples of Water on Our Crest

The two flicks on either side of the crest, above the Rutland Hall wording, represent the Rutland Water landscape, another nod to our stunning location. Rutland Water is the community hub of our county, and so it was essential to represent it in the design of our new crest.

The ripples also signify the tranquillity of our spa; a place where our guests can come to relax and unwind.

Hotel Branding: The Story Behind the Font

Underneath the crest sits our name, ‘Rutland Hall Hotel and Spa.’ The line that separates the two sentences represents Rutland Water itself, and the elongated tail of the ‘R’ symbolises a person dipping into the lakes around the hotel.

Rather fittingly, the font used is called ‘Avenir’, which means ‘future’.

On the banner at the bottom of the crest are the names Din and Sav. These are to honour our owners, Dinesh and Savita, and the family unity of the hotel.

Thinking about visiting our newly refurbished hotel? Why not read our previous blog to find out more about our spa packages and treatments for the ultimate weekend break?

Alternatively, for rooms and availability, please contact a member of our team.

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